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(Lima 1977)
Environmental artist and art teacher who investigates different connections between nature and art in the cities and sometimes goes into deserted territories.

Bachelor of visual arts and usually work together with biologists and another scientists researching diverse natural emplacements,analyzing the different environmental issues that have been generated between the space and species and then reinterpreting this information through land art or another techniques, thus making a nexus between art and conservationism.

He has been part of two artistic residences organized by the Rural Art Center of Argentina and two residences in the Center of Art and Ecology Guapamacátaro of Mexico, he participated in collective and individual exhibitions in Peru and Argentina and the United States.

He currently teaches and works with his students projects that promote respect for nature through art.

He is director of the colectivo de arte Zamba Canuta developing proposals of social interest carrying art, education and concern for the environment.


Los Delfines Mz L1 LT 35
Urb. EL Carmen Punta Hermosa   
Lima, 15846

Perú: +51999181310
Italia: +393272359503